# Movie 6 Code Test

I recently received a code test when I was looking for a job. I was using iOS native to develop, but I learn flutter recently, so I ended up choose flutter.

# Requirements

According to requirements, I need to complete three views

Movie List (Grid) Movie List (List) Movie List (Movie Detail)
Imgur Imgur Imgur

# Site Map


  1. The outermost layer is BottomNavigation which is UITabBarController in iOS.
  2. The second tab is Movie List page, other page is Empty page.
  3. Movie List page have two display modes, user can click switch button to switch mode
    1. Grid View (UICollectionView)
    2. List View (UITableViewController)
  4. When user click Grid or List cell, will navigate to Movie Detail page
  5. Top of Movie Detail page have swiper to display video preview or image

# Architecture

 ├── main.dart
 ├── api
 │   ├── movie6_api.dart
 │   └── network.dart
 ├── models
 │   ├── swiperModel.dart
 │   └── movies.dart
 ├── widgets
 │   ├── Movie_ListItem.dart
 │   ├── Component.dart
 │   └── Movie_GridItem.dart
 └── pages
     ├── MovieDetail.dart
     ├── MovieList.dart
     └── EmptyPage.dart

Because this is my first time using flutter, so I just use the simplest and original way, did not try tools like state management such as BLoC Architecture and Provider, but I think if want to continue to complete the app It is necessary to use state management.

# Problems of developing

# json to model

API return information is more complicated, I do n’t want to enter it manually and there are keys using Chinese characters.


# Solution

I have tried mainstream solution like json_serializable (opens new window), JSON to Dart (opens new window) to help me convert json to model easily, but there is a problem:

  1. since json have Chinese characters, tool cannot recognized correctly
  2. Cannot find relation of the column, eg: infoDict.Category there are actually 5 typesIIB, IIA, TBC, I, III, should use datatype Empty, but the tool Identified as String

I finally found Paste JSON as Code • quicktype (opens new window), it solve the above problems well, i only need modify chinese key to english.

Imgur Imgur

# Video thumbnail in Movie detail

Top of Movie detail page, i need show video thumbnail and image in swiper. In API result image url is screenShots, video is multitrailers Imgur

So, i need use multitrailers youtube url get video thumbnail.

# Solution

How do I get a YouTube video thumbnail from the YouTube API? (opens new window)

According to stackoverflow, I need to extract the youtube id from the url and fill youtube id in this format url. https://img.youtube.com/vi/<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/0.jpg

How do I get the YouTube video ID from a URL? (opens new window)

I using Regex to extract the youtube id

# Screenshot


# Demo

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